April 22, 2018


Our litigation attorneys have experience winning the best possible results for our clients in courts throughout Massachusetts.  Our litigators have appeared in the Federal Courts, the Massachusetts Superior Courts, District Courts, Probate and Family Courts and Land Court to represent our clients.  As with all of our other practice areas, our attorneys approach the case focused on the needs and goals of our client.

Our attorneys handle litigation matters involving:

  • Business Litigation
  • Divorce Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • Estate and Probate Litigation
  • Personal Injury Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Appeals

Our philosophy is that we should examine the facts of each dispute thoroughly, develop a clear plan of action to achieve our client’s objective and then aggressively and efficiently execute the plan to achieve the objective.  Sometimes this means using arbitration or mediations; other times a law suit is needed to protect our clients or gain for them what they are rightfully entitled to receive.

Business Law Litigation

We have built our business litigation practice upon our experience representing our clients to meet their needs.  We have experience representing clients in cases involving claims of breach of contract, fraud, employment disputes, unfair or deceptive business practices, construction disputes, claims brought by governmental entitles and numerous other types of claims.

Divorce Litigation

Our divorce litigation attorneys have the support, resources, and experience to take your case to trial if necessary. No two divorces are alike as each situation is unique to the individuals involved and the financial aspects of their lives together.  It is important to hire a divorce attorney who is comfortable with the complex legal issues that inevitably arise during the emotionally and financially difficult time of divorce, as well as an attorney who is comfortable going to court and fighting for your rights.

Employment Law Litigation

We have also represented both employers and employees in cases involving allegations of wrongful termination, breach of contract, enforcement of non-competition and confidentiality agreements, discrimination and related claims before the MCAD and other state agencies.

Shareholder and owner disputes

Unfortunately, business partners or shareholders in the same closely owned corporation sometimes find that they must part ways or that they have been the victim of mistreated by their partner.  We have experience guiding business owners through these difficult disputes that if not handled carefully, can result in the failure or dissolution of the business.  Our team of lawyer’s includes lawyers not only experienced in trial work but also lawyers experienced in business matters.  This allows us to truly guide our clients in a holistic approach that maximizes the likelihood of obtaining the client’s goals.

Estate and Probate Litigation

Our attorneys have experience in disputes over wills, guardianships, fiduciary accounts, trusts and estates.  This type of litigation requires unique knowledge that we possess of the Probate and Family Court, estate taxes and the labyrinth of laws that deal with these matters.  In these cases, our trial attorneys work closely with our estate planning attorneys to work toward the best possible result.  We can sometimes gain the court’s permission to “re-write” a will or trust to correct an error that would unnecessarily add cost, taxes or unintended negative results.   We try to not only understand that the legal complexity of these matters but also the toll that they can take on families and individuals.

Land Disputes

Boundary disputes, claims regarding easements, encroachments, prescriptive easements and adverse possession claims are matters that our attorneys have successfully litigated and resolved for our clients. Our trial attorneys work with our real estate attorneys in these types of cases to seek practical solutions whenever possible. If a negotiated settlement is not available, we have won vindication for our clients’ property rights in both the Superior court and Land Court

Construction Litigation

Unfortunately, not every construction project ends with a happy customer or a fully paid contractor. We have experience representing contractors, developers and their customers in disputes involving all types of construction and the various disputes that can arise, including water damage, mold, breach of contract, violation of building codes and other  laws, violations of environmental, and mechanics liens.


An appeal is an opportunity to correct a legal error in the lower court and may involve an issue relating to domestic relations, trust law, fiduciary accounts, preliminary injunctions, award of appellate counsel fees in partition proceedings, substituted judgment, easements, termination proceedings, 209A restraining orders, termination of parental rights or landlord-tenant disputes.

Personal Injury Litigation

Our personal injury attorneys help people injured due to automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, dangerous conditions on property, defective products and other types of accidents that cause serious injury or death.

Landlord tenant

Our firm represents residential and commercial landlords, as well as corporate and individual tenants, in all types of landlord/tenant matters. These matters range from simple summary process evictions to commercial lease negotiations and sophisticated civil litigation.