April 22, 2018


The divorce attorneys at Doherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan & Cannon have extensive experience handling complex high-conflict cases on both the trial and appellate level.

Divorce can be one of the most overwhelming times in a person’s life.  There is so much to consider, whether it be the financial stresses, children issues, living situations, moving, buying or selling a home, the effect on your employment, the continuity of medical insurance and even what assets or debts you should retain.  Our divorce attorneys help clients take back the control over their lives by providing them with the information and the tools they need to get through this difficult time and make those informed decisions.

Experience, Client-Centered and Fearless Advocacy of our client’s interests are the values and qualities of the divorce and family law attorneys at DCDC.

No two divorces are alike as each situation is unique to the individuals involved and the financial aspects of their lives together.   As divorce touches on almost all aspects of one’s life, our firm and our divorce attorneys provide clients with counsel regarding the effect divorce has on their real estate, business ownership, estate planning and criminal matters.  This team approach saves our clients time and money.

Our full service divorce options include:

Divorce Litigation
An amicable resolution is our goal for any divorce. However, at times the circumstances may require a party to insist upon (or defend) a position through a trial. Both parties hire attorneys to negotiate, advocate and litigate in the court system the divorce.  The option can include either filing a Joint Petition for Divorce when the final settlement on all issues has been signed and the parties are requesting the court’s approval or filing a Complaint for Divorce in which one party is served with the divorce and the court’s involvement starts with temporary orders.

 Divorce Mediation
The parties work with one of our mediators who is a neutral third party to finalize their agreement.  The parties may choose to consult with attorneys through the process as well.  The parties are in control over this process.

 Collaborative Law
Both parties retain attorneys certified as collaborative lawyers.  The goal is for the parties with the assistance of their counsel to negotiate a full resolution of all matters outside the court system.  It is a very client-centered process which many times utilizes divorce coaches and other professionals to assist the parties with the many decisions that need to be made.