April 22, 2018

Collaborative Law

Our attorneys offer Collaborative Law as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) option for our divorcing and family law clients. Our experienced Collaborative Law attorneys assist clients in obtaining a divorce in Massachusetts without the added stress of preparing for trial and multiple court hearings.

In Collaborative Law the parties agree to resolve their divorce with the assistance and guidance of collaborative attorneys and without going to court.

An attorney represents each client, advocating and advising their respective client through the Massachusetts family law process with the goal of a mutually created agreement. The clients may decide to utilize a coach facilitator who serves as a neutral party assisting clients in clarifying their short term and long term goals and/or a financial professional who assists them with creating asset division and support plans to preserve scarce family resources.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

  • Utilizes a problem-solving practical approach that is client driven
  • Identifies and addresses real interests and concerns
  • Focuses on the best interests of children
  • Maintains open communication and information sharing
  • Assists the clients with the transition to life after the divorce, separation or dissolution of the relationship
  • Allows the clients to maintain relationships outside the couple
  • Creates an agreement without going to court and that is controlled by the clients not the court
  • Can be a faster and more cost-effective process than the overloaded court system

You can download a Collaborative Practice Kit from the IACP or go to www.massclc.org to learn more about the Collaborative process and see if a collaborative divorce or the collaborative process is right for you and your family.